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Rooted, Reaching, and Growing in Christ

Join Us At Our Two Locations

Nelsonville Lutheran Church

3061 Oak Street
Nelsonville, Wisconsin 54458

Peace Lutheran Church

293 South Main Street
Amherst, Wisconsin 54406

Nelsonville Lutheran Church Steeple

Indoor Worship on Sunday
8:30AM at Peace
10:15AM at Nelsonville

Outdoor Worship
9:30AM at Nelsonville

Thursday Candlelight Service
6:45PM at Nelsonville

Sunday School
8:30AM at Peace
9:30AM at Nelsonville

Peace Straight Bell Tower
Children's Service at Tomorrow River
Baptism at Tomorrow River Lutheran Parish
Worship Service at Tomorrow River
Children's Service at Tomorrow River

We Are A Joyfully ​Committed Parish Family

Our mission is to welcome and include all people, sharing ​God‘s love and serving others through Christ. Our parish ​is a place where you can grow in faith, find a sense of ​belonging, and receive hope and compassion. We offer a ​variety of worship services, educational opportunities, ​community service programs and crisis care.

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