Prayer List

In Our Thoughts & Prayers

(As of July 17, 2024)

Family & Friends of Terry Lea (brother of Bob)

Family & Friends of Rita Huglen (Mark & Gayle's sister-in-law)

Art, recovering from heart surgery (Corey K.'s uncle)

A family of six looking for emergency housing (contact Pastor Dwight)

Tom S., receiving radiation treatments

Charlie S., recovering from open heart surgery (friend of Pam B.)

Ramona, surgery a success, pain free, thank you for all your prayers (Lynda    J.'s daughter)

Jen K., suffering from vertigo and migraine (Lynda S.'s daughter)

Patty H., end-stage COPD (Lynda S.'s sister)

Julie, who is having health issues

A man having problems receiving dialysis

Jean I., recovering at Bethany

Colin S., hospitalized following accident (Ruby's grandson)

Wally, please keep him in your prayers as he goes through tests and procedures (brother-in-law of Debi and Bob)

Scott F., being treated for prostrate cancer (Ed F.'s brother)

A man recently diagnosed with pancreatic cancer

Russ, liver problems due to low red blood count (Cindy R.'s friend)

Marie S., undergoing new cancer treatment (Lynda J.'s first cousin)

Betsy S., prayers for health and healing (friend of Dean & Gloria O.)

Rox, heart and lung issues (Cindy R.'s friend)

A young couple dealing with fertility issues

Two men with chronic pain and spine issues

Chris D.'s daughter Shiri and her mother Nira, who live in Gaza

Sue, kidney cancer (Cindy R.'s friend)

A woman in stage 4 renal failure

Rebecca, prayers for health and healing

Bonnie, multiple myeloma of the bone marrow

Young people dealing with addictions and mental health issues

For the innocents in Ukraine, Israel, Gaza, and Lebanon

For the Rulers of the Nations: That they may be wise and good

That God would Humble the Aggressor, Strengthen the Righteous, Protect the Innocent and Help us to find a Just Peace

Members of our military and their families as they continue to serve

Our members with limited mobility and those who are homebound

Our companion congregations at Chaneng and Silkatskop in South Africa

Members of our councils, as they make critical decisions regarding the ministries of the Church






We pray for those who have asked to be on our prayer list and only publish names when given explicit permission. We will keep people on the prayer list for up to six weeks unless specifically asked to keep them on longer. If you are aware of any changes that need to be addressed on the prayer list, please contact the church office. Thank you.