Nelsonville Endowment Fund

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You may complete our online application below or obtain an application form by calling the church office. Questions may be directed to current EF Committee Members Ed Fischer, Andrea Crane, and Terry Benzine. Applications are due annually by October 1st.

To fill out the Short Form Endowment Fund Grant Application by mail, click here to download. To fill out the Long Form Endowment Fund Grant Application via your computer, scroll down.

Endowment Brochure

Endowment Fund Grant Application

Passing Forward God’s Blessings

Mission Statement: The Endowment Fund Committee’s mission is to be a responsible steward of funds that support and enhance the work of the church addressing human needs at home and abroad.

Section One: Contact Information


Name of person and title of individual completing application and responsible for grants


Section Two: Organization Information

  • Current annual report
  • Current operating budget
  • Previous audited financial statement

Section Three: Project Overview

Please provide an overview of your proposal, to include:

Section Four: Proposal Details

Please provide details of your proposal to include: